Monet’s Blues

Monet’s Blues © 2011 Amy Hillenbrand
  24 x 12 Oil on board
$615.00 + shipping


I stumbled across these blue rubber boots doing something I love to do. I love looking at decorated show homes. I snapped this picture in the mud room of the $2.8 million house. As I was painting this, I got a little worried about not having any complimentary colors in it. I had this terrible little voice saying well you should use this color and you should use that color.  Yes, I know I shouldn’t should on myself and I almost succumb to my own evil “should” voice, but then… Then I had this wonderful thought pass through my mind.
Recently I took a little trip to New York city and I was doing something else I love to do. I was gazing at all the wonderful impressionist paintings at the Metropolitian Muesum of Art. As I was viewing one of Monet’s water lilly paintings it occured to me it was all done in blues and violets. So I thought, well Monet did it and it looks pretty mavelous; I think I will give it a whirl too.  So here you go -Monet’s Blues, I think it turned out pretty good.
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