A Peek Inside my Artist Studio


I lived in Austin, TX for eight years and was very happy with my friends, my home and my very art-friendly city. So when my husband suggested we move to San Antonio, I have to say I wasn’t very gung-ho over the idea.  But then he said the magic words- new artist studio.

In my old house I had the easel in my living room.  It was the room right next to the front door.  It had big beautiful windows, but it was by the front door.  Did I say it was by the front door?  I felt I needed to have the room perfectly picked up at all times.  I’m not a messy painter, but as an artist I just had stuff and more stuff.  So lots of canvases started migrating across the foyer to the dining room. etc etc etc… Any-hoo, my husband “had me” at NEW ARTIST STUDIO!

The Painting Corner

This is my light-filled painting corner. As luck would have it, the studio has north facing windows. The perfect light for painting. I have large windows on three sides on my studio, painting heaven! Outside the windows I have several bird feeders, so when Sophie isn’t supervising my process she is bird watching.

Across from the easel I have my comfy chair. Perfect place for my muse to taker her catnap. I’m surprised she isn’t in this pic. 

I love this wonderful antique bookcase that I my husband collected about 30 years ago. It has been used for many things over the years. I found these handy-dandy baskets, which fit perfectly in the shelves. Love when things like that happen.  I separate my paint by color- yellow, red, blue, greens. So now it is super-easy to find a tube when I’m painting.


I was able to custom design the room to have storage for my canvases, books, papers, shipping materials and equipment. Now all that stuff has a home.  I made the storage closets 5′ deep and added shelves up to the ceiling.  In the closet to the left of the sink, I added a counter with file cabinets underneath to put my printer on and other messy stuff.  The Christmas before we moved into this house my Dad gave me a nice Christmas check, I used the money to add a sink.  A sink!! It feels like such a luxury. In my others homes, I was always washing brushes in my kitchen sink, so this is so fantastic.

Finishing Touches

On one wall I have an old mantel that my husband and I found in a antique store when we lived in San Diego.  It has moved several times and found a home in my studio. It serves no function other than I think it’s cool.  There is also an extra easel to put my paintings as they are drying. I think all artist studios should have an old mantel in it, ha!  The painting on the easel is called Orchid Ovation, click for more information.

This sweet little chair is what I designed the room around.  I loved it’s color it the inspiration for  the drapes, paint color and the rug.  Above the chair is a piece of art I bought about 25 years ago.  It is a whimsical painting of a kitty.  It wasn’t until a couple years ago that I realized that I now own a real kitty that looks a lot like this art.

And there you have it! Let me know when you’re in the area, I’ll give a personal tour.

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