I love so many of your pieces how do I choose what is right for me?

This is a great question and as a interior design for the last 20 something years, I have been asked this a lot. I hate to answer a question with a question( well, not really, but…) Do you know the size of a piece you want? Do you know what room you will put it in? You may want to determine those things first. Next, do you want your art to be the “star” of the room? Do you want your piece to pop off the walls? If you answer yes to these questions, you may want to be sure there is a lot of contrast between your wall color and your piece of art. For example if you have white walls almost anything will pop or you could have dark walls and then have a piece that has a lot of lighter values in the background of the piece.

Now forget I said all that and go with your gut. Now I’m going to ask you questions with my coaching hat on. Does the piece move you in any way? Do you get emotional when you see it? Does the piece catch your eye and you really don’t know why? Can you not stop thinking about a piece you saw? If you want more peace and harmony in your life, is the piece soothing?

How long does it take you to paint an oil painting?

I also get this question often. I remember when I first started painting this was something that I was always curious about. I paint ala prima, with oils, which means I paint wet into wet paint usually all in one sitting. So for an 8 x 10 painting usually takes 4-5 hours. A larger painting, say a 24 x 24 usually takes 4 days or 4-5 hours at a time. This is actual painting time. I also spend many initial hours planning my paintings. I love strong composition so I spend several hours “posing” items that I am going to paint. But, I love it so much the time just flys by!

How do you know when you are finished with a painting?

I know I’m finished when what I see in front of me looks like the vision I had in my mind before I started. Or when I add strokes and it is feels like I’m ruining it. Both are very intuitive -so in a way I just get a knowing and then I stop.

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