Oil Painting of Day Lilies- Group Hug

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Group Hug © 2015 Amy Hillenbrand
18 x 36 Oil Painting on canvas

I just love this gaggle of yellow Day Lilies. I can’t help but see the personalities of this tight knit bunch. They are all in a ‘group hug’ cheering each other on. The open yellow Lilies are encouraging the bright green young buds. As if saying to them, “it is okay to open your wings and feel the warm light of the sun on your faces”. I think they all have a cheerful and joyful attitude sensing that it is great to be alive.

It was a pleasure to paint this painting. I wanted to share with you the video below so you might also enjoy the process of creating an oil painting. Click here and see this painting come alive.

The Making of Group Hug an Original Oil Painting by Artist Amy Hillenbrand

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