Oil Painting of Day Lilies- Group Hug

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Group Hug © 2015 Amy Hillenbrand
18 x 36 Oil Painting on canvas

I just love this gaggle of yellow Day Lilies. I can’t help but see the personalities of this tight knit bunch. They are all in a ‘group hug’ cheering each other on. The open yellow Lilies are encouraging the bright green young buds. As if saying to them, “it is okay to open your wings and feel the warm light of the sun on your faces”. I think they all have a cheerful and joyful attitude sensing that it is great to be alive.

It was a pleasure to paint this painting. I wanted to share with you the video below so you might also enjoy the process of creating an oil painting. Click here and see this painting come alive.

The Making of Group Hug an Original Oil Painting by Artist Amy Hillenbrand

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Floral ~ The Dauntless and The Demure

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The Dauntless and The Demure © 2015 Amy Hillenbrand
30 x 24 Oil on Canvas


What do you see when you look at this floral painting? I see two actors on a stage (they just happen to be flowers) who just finished their performance. The spotlight is on them and it is time to take their bows. The taller actor is very dauntless, bold and confident. He has no problem taking in all the adoration and applause. Now the smaller actress is somewhat shy and demure. She has a hard time taking in all the attention. See her head bowed; allowing her eyes to divert your glance. Notice her bent arms. Can’t you just read her body language? It’s as if she saying “oh stop, stop, this is way too much attention”

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The Frolicking Lily Ballet

The Frolicking Lily Ballet Oil Painting by Amy Hillenbrand web
The Frolicking Lily Ballet  © 2014 Amy Hillenbrand
24 x 30 , oil on canvas

buyI have a little crush on this piece. I had the intent to do something different with a painting of flowers. Is that possible? I wonder how many ways flowers have been painted in the last 1000 years. It boggles my mind just thinking about it.  But Alas…I set out on my quest.

I posed my lily beauties in a haphazard way i.e. lying down vs. all pretty in a vase. Okay, side note: You know how actresses, in the movies, have those casual messy hairdos, that look adorable? You know the ones that are supposed to look like they just threw it together in 2 minutes or less. But you know and I know that she just spent the last hour and a half in the hair and make-up chair with two stylist working very intently. Well, I must confess my little haphazard composition took me a couple hours to throw it together to have the appearance of all free and natural, ha!

I settled on this arrangement because in my crazy imagination I saw dancers. I see one of the dancers laying across the others (like they do in the old 30’s and 40’s Hollywood musicals). I’m referring to the flower stem that is laying diagonally. When it was time to name my piece,  I see my playful Ballerinas all very much alive and bouncy, which in turn made me think of the word Frolicking. Let the Ballet begin!

This piece was featured in the Georgetown, Texas 2014 Art Hop hosted by the The Georgetown Art Center in the early fall of 2014.

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Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace Oil Painting by Amy Hillenbrand


Amazing Grace © 2014 Amy Hillenbrand
36 x 12 Oil on Canvas

What a labor of love to create this painting. This was a commission for a friend and what a dream client “he” is. He wanted a piece to put into a niche that was at the top of his really tall stairway. His requests were that is was large enough to be dynamic when you walk into his home, that it have a black background and that it was happy. I mentioned that he was a “he” because when he asked me I said, “you know I don’t do landscapes, right”? and “you know I usually paint florals, right”? He said he was okay with that but it had to be happy. Happy I can do.

So last week he came to pick it up- guess what?  He is happy! I asked him to take a picture of it when he got home and tell me what he thought when he saw it in his spot. He said he LOVED it and is excited about the next one.  Now I’m super happy!

If you or anyone you know is interested in a commission please drop me a note to amy@amyhillenbrand.com

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Amy-able Oil Painting by Amy Hillenbrand

Amy-able © 2014 Amy Hillenbrand
8 x8 Oil on cradle board

buyThese petite little orange roses caught my eye. There is just something about miniature/baby anything that has a special place in my heart. Human babies, baby kitties, baby puppies, baby bunnies- you get the drift…When it was all finished all I could see were the orange buds all cuddled up next to each other. This led me to the title of amiable, but it need a little extra oomph to the name. So viola` it became “Amy-able” Get it? huh? get it?

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I’m No Llama

I'm No Llama Oil Painting by Amy Hillenbrand

I’m No Llama © 2014 Amy Hillenbrand
8 x 8 Oil on board

Love this crazy redhead Alpaca. Yet another of the Alpaca gang I found on a rainy day in Northern Idaho by the little town of Sandpoint. I have now painted a brunette, a blond and now this silly little redhead. The rain ruined her usual fluffy hair-do into this wet mop, but it made for an interesting painting, don’t you think?

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Whatcha Lookin’ At

Whatcha Lookin' At Oil Painting by Amy Hillenbrand_edited-1
Whatcha Lookin’ At © 2014 Amy Hillenbrand
12 x 12 Oil on board


Meet my blonde Alpaca.  She is from the same gang of Alpacas I spied  in the hills outside of Sandpoint, Idaho. Alpacas are grown for their beautiful fur coats, but it was raining that day. This is what is called the wet-do as opposed to hair -do.  I had so much fun painting Mr Pac Man, (go, see him here) that I was psyched to do another one. This time I thought let’s go bigger,  the same process, but bigger. Well, I was in for quite a surprise.  My little blonde girl was very much a challenge.  I even had to step away from the easel the first day- so that she didn’t fly out the window in a moment of frustration.  $%#*$!!!  It was her fur, with the dark tips, that was giving me fits. I’ve painted quite a few critters to date and typically their fur is pretty much the same color from skin to tip. When painting that fur, I can give a quick flip of my brush to get the effect of fur. I had to figure out a whole new way of doing things for this blonde gal.  After all is said and done, it is what I like most about this painting. Oh, and her teeth are pretty cute too.

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Pac Man

Rebecca the Alpaca Oil Painting by Amy Hillenbrand

Pac Man © 2014 Amy Hillenbrand
8 x 8 Oil on board
$160.00buyDoesn’t he make you laugh? I hope so, this is my intent with this light whimsical oil painting. Some of my favorite parts of this portrait are his fabulous 80’s hairdo, the exquisite highlights – his hairdresser added and of his wonderful, kookie, toothy smile.
Here is some background on how it came to be that I am painting portraits of Alpacas. The first of the month, my husband and I went on a refreshing trip to Idaho to visit family near the beautiful northern city of Cour de’ Alane. Refreshing, because is was nice to escape the brutal 100 degree temps of central Texas. My husband and I love exploring. So off we went to visit the little town of Sandpoint, Idaho. Beautiful country with great mountain views and soaring trees. As we drove the hills around the little town of Sandpoint, we came across several Alpaca farms.
Normally the Alpaca coats are fluffy like a poodle who has just been to the groomer, but as luck would have it, it was raining that day. So the usually fluffy glorious fur coats were matted down with the fall rain. There I was standing in the rain taking pictures of my new found critter friends. All the while, my ADD husband shouting “come on – aren’t you done yet, it’s raining”. To make it is even more pleasure-able, big logging trucks came whirling by, spaying me with more water. Oh, the trials and tribulations an artist goes through for their craft. These fuzzy little creatures, from the camel family just stared and stood still as statues as I snapped their pictures. In the end the wet soggy coats make for a more amusing subject. Even more amusing, was when my I showed my husband my photos, he said; “those are great; did you get any more?” Geeeeeeessshh!

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True Devotion

True Devotion Oil Painting by Artist Amy Hillenbrand

True Devotion © 2014 Amy Hillenbrand
48 x 36 Oil on Canvas


I recently finished this commission. Boy, what a tough customer he was. He had a specific place in his new home and a specific subject in mind. I wasn’t to keen on the idea, it wasn’t quite my style. So I suggested x and no he wanted y.

I even painted what I thought would look good in the space in a smaller scale thinking it might sway him when he saw it. He was even able to see previews of it at different steps along the way. Each time he saw a preview, even before he really looked at it, he say nope that’s not it. I would say well, “just wait until it’s finished and then decide”. Sure enough, I finished it and his response was “Nope, that’s not it” . I thought it might get ugly during the process. I thought I might back out of the deal. But it was a big painting 48 x 36 and the customer ( have you guessed this yet) was my Husband.

So out of love, I caved and painted what he desired. I figured that he doesn’t ask for much and he really has never asked me to paint a specific painting for our home. Then I thought everyday when he sees it in our family room he would know that I love him.

So hard to understand the scale of art on the computer so I’ve included so I included the photo of the piece hanging in the room.


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Broadcasting Live

Broadcasting Live © 2013 Amy Hillenbrand
24 x 24 Oil on Canvas

I’m always on the lookout for flowers where ever I go,  I was so excited to find these berry red Stargazers.  They had the incredible fragrance of the white Stargazer that you normally see and had this beautiful bright bold red color.  I was pretty tickled that I could literally match the actual colors with my oil paints. I almost titled the painting The Bold and The Beautiful. But my imagination had something else in mind.

When I look at the painting I imagine the flowers are all in a choir broadcasting their voices nice and loud.  But the little guy in the lower right is younger then the others in the bunch.  He’s like the little brother and he has ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).  He just can’t focus and is busy gawking out the window while the others our practicing diligently for their upcoming concert.  Go with me here…

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