My First Finished Painting

My First Painting - Oil Painting by Austin Artist Amy Hillenbrand

© 2010 Amy Hillenbrand

Oil On Canvas
10″ x 10″

One done and 99 more to go, whew! just a few more…but one thing I discovered is that once I decided to do the 100 the selection process got way easier. I used to stew and ponder over what I was going to paint so worried that I may not like my subject matter, knowing that I am going to paint a million more took all the pressure of the selection process and the selection happened in a matter of minutes not hours. Let that be a lesson to my little commitment phobic self.

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My First Day

So I am pretty excited about doing my paintings, which is a switch for me, because even though I love to paint I don’t. Weird, I know… I thought it was something like having writers block but it is more like I’m saving my the dessert until after I’ve eaten my dinner or when I was little saving the new dress to wear to church on Sunday.  So anyway it’s my first day and I have a painting started, but it takes me several days to finish a painting so I decided to paint over all my unloved paintings, the ones that sit in the corner that are so bad that make me feel bad. 

This was, oh, so liberting! It is akin to when you clean out your closet and get rid of all those clothes that are too small and reminds you that you are no longer that small and then you just feel bad about yourself. Anyway it felt so good and didn’t take as long as I kept imagining.  Funny how those things work.

My little kitty Sophie always has to help with everything I do, so today she wanted to help paint over the ole’ duds.  My deck now has permanent white Sophie paws

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Something New and Magical

I saw the movie Julie and Julia the other day and while watching the movie I thought to myself what could I do that would be a commitment similar to what Julie choose to do. There was something about the daily doing of something that really appealed and spoke to me. It did not come to me that day but popped into my head while driving down the road several days later. It was plainer than the nose on my face, but sometimes things that should be so obvious to me just are not!

My commitment will be to paint 100 paintings in a year. I have always heard there is something magical about painting 100 paintings in a year, I don’t quite know what the magic part is, but I’m excited to find out. The other magical part for me will be keeping the commitment, since I’m a bit of a commitment phobic, don’t quite know why that is either but maybe this process will give some insight on that too. I’m excited and a little scared, scared of what? I’m not sure…

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